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23 Ingredients To Fill Your Sandwiches And Make Them Healthier
23 Ingredients To Fill Your Sandwiches And Make Them Healthier
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On November 3, the World Sandwich Day is celebrated coinciding with the birth of English John Montagu, whose name is said to be his creator.





Although they are often associated with the gull, or reduced to cheese, ham and other processed sausages, snacks are a blank field for imagination and healthy ingredients.





Rebuses these 23 healthy sandwich fillers and explore what your favorite combinations are.








It is one of the most complete sources of protein that exist and has the advantage of its versatility to prepare it in snacks: you can cook the fried eggs, grilled, chilled, or cooked.





A single egg gives you 6 grams of protein and 14 essential nutrients, including vitamins A, B, D and E, as well as being a source of calcium, selenium, folic acid, pro bodybuilder steroid cycles iodine, copper, zinc and iron. It is also rich in hill and tripptophan, key to improving sleep and preventing depression.








Avocado is one of the best sources of healthy fats for your heart. It will also provide you with a lot of fiber, vitamins K, C and B6, protein, magnesium, copper, iron or zinc.





In addition, it helps you control weight and sleep better, reduces cholesterol and triglycerides, is great for athletes for their wealth in potassium and cares for your immune system. Incorporate it into your sliced sandwiches, chopped with salt and your favorite spices or in the form of guacamole.








Hummus is an ideal way to eat legumes and incorporate creaminess into your sandwiches. It provides protein, phosphorus, fiber, calcium and potassium, among many other nutrients.





Although the classic hummus recipe has cooked chickpeas, garlic, cumin, tahini, olive oil and lemon, you can experiment with beans or lentils and incorporate other ingredients such as spicy, beetroot, avocado, roasted pepper or Kalamata olives.





Extra virgin olive oil



Key ingredient in the Mediterranean diet, oil can replace processed and harmful sauces and become the best dress for your sandwiches: a spoonful has 40 calories, antioxidants, vitamin K, vitamin E and monounsaturated fats, the best to care for your heart.





Taking extra virgin olive oil steroid effects on the body a daily basis is linked to increased life expectancy and cognitive health, prevention of depression, cancer, reviews diabetes and Alzheimer's, or better digestion and weight control.








You can include them directly in the bread of your snacks: the integrals and fermented of mother mass are the most appropriate to contribute to your body complex carbohydrates and fiber. Another alternative is to add them directly as topping inside.





Choose your favorite seed or make a mix: sesame, chía, linen, pumpkin or hemp are some of the best known. They can provide you with calcium, omega-3 acids, and vitamins such as E or those of group B. They are ideal for reducing cholesterol and improving intestinal transit, as well as controlling hunger.








Salmon, key to the Nordic diet, is one of the healthiest fatty fish. It provides high-quality protein, vitamins such as D and B, minerals such as phosphorus and potassium, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, keys to your brain's health and to prevent diseases.





You can include salmon in your smoked, marinated or iron sandwiches.





Widths, sketches or winstrol powder ( sardines in canned



Choosing high quality preserves where can i buy steroids for bodybuilding also bring potent flavor and nutrients to your snacks. If you want to add fish to your sandwiches, a good alternative is boquerones, sardines and anchovies in can.





They stand steroids without working out for their very high content in omega-3 fatty acids, high biological value proteins, vitamins and antioxidants. That is, you must take into account the high sodium content of the preserves.








Tofu comes from soy and find more is one of the most important protein sources in plant-based diets. It contains all essential amino acids, fiber, manganese, calcium, selenium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron or zinc. Also healthy polyunsaturated vitamins and fats, especially omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid.





It is versatile, you can season it with your favorite spices and when taking it, you will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity or diabetes.





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Tempeh is a really healthy vegan filling for your sandwiches, as it is a fermented food, ideal to care for the health of your intestinal microbiota and stimulate the immune system.





It is usually prepared from fermented soy seeds; it is rich in proteins, calcium and magnesium, in isoflavones that balance cholesterol, antioxidant compounds and anticancer substances.








The beetle is a mediterranean vegetable of bright red digestive, prebiotic and loaded with fiber, vitamins and minerals. It will give your snacks a terrific, sweet and delicious flavor.





Among the benefits of consuming it, you will keep blood pressure at bay, improve your sports performance and keep your brain healthy. The beetle is also good for thinning.





Olivada or tapenade



A good green or black olives will serve you to prepare a homemade tapenade or olive, ideal for flavor flooding your sandwich and loading it with healthy fats.





Among the advantages of this healthy dressing is the contribution of fatty acids, iron, potassium and a lot of vitamin E, key to protecting brain cells, lungs and red blood cells from the damage of free radicals.





Brotes germinated



Germs are living foods with a large revitalizing, regenerative and antioxidant capacity. They purify your organism, provide proteins and contain up to 80 times more enzymes than fruits and other vegetables, enabling the assimilation of minerals and vitamins.





You can prepare and cultivate shoots and germinates yourself at home and save money, although you should pay special attention to moisture.








If the spicy makes you crazy, the kimchi will become a great filling for your next sandwich: this popular Korean garrison has fermented cabbage and other ingredients such as chile, jengibrre, radish, garlic or cucumber.





This food is great to care for the immune system, improve anti-inflammatory responses, increase good bacteria in the intestine and reduce insulin resistance.





Brass vegetables



A delicious tip for your snacks is the one that brings the vegetables to the pan: seasonal and proximity scotch, includes a lot of colors and loads your vitamins and minerals sandwiches.





In addition, cooking grilled vegetables improves its texture and increases its juiciness, it is a cooking technique that allows the nutrients not to get lost and gives them a spectacular flavor.








Strawberries, in conserve, roasts, confections... the tomato always improves any sandwich and makes it cooler and juicy.





Eating tomatoes usually provides your body with numerous antioxidants such as lycopene, anabolic steroid law-bodybuilding steroids ( a vegetable compound that cares for the skin, the heart, and prevents cancer. It is a low-calorie fruit, rich in water and that will give you a good potassium chute, size gains pills folates or vitamins C and K.








Flood your legumes like beans, chickpeas, edamames or lentils. They are a good substitute for meat and will provide protein, energy, fiber and micronutrients.





How many times do you have to include a week of legumes in your menu? The experts recommend between 3 and 4 rations of weekly legumes, of a few grams of raw food, best steroid pills for mass according to this document of the Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN) with AESAN.





Break us up.



The radishes give a spicy point and a crunchy bite to your sandwiches. They are loaded with healthy properties such as blood sugar control, good digestion or heart protection. They also prevent aging and cell damage.





Among the most outstanding nutrients of the rootinates are fiber, antioxidants such as glucosinolates, vitamin C, folic acid and anthocyanins,





mushrooms and mushrooms



It incorporates mushrooms to your autumnal snacks: steroids cost mushrooms stand out for their high nutritional density: in them you will find vitamin D, iron, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, selenium, Jbhnews write an article calcium, gnc muscle growth ( potassium, zinc or vitamin A.





Mushrooms also provide vitamins from group B key to vegetarian diets, prevent various types of cancer, make the immune system stronger, act as a prebiotic for read this blog article from Jbhnews intestinal flora and reduce cholesterol. They also fight aging.








The pickles are one of the healthiest tapas that exist and make your sandwiches more crispy and rich. Includes cebolites or [ testosterone vs anabolic steroids pickles in your mouths: they are detoxifiers for the body, activate metabolism, tonify the liver, avoid gases and also improve your digestion.





Yes, be careful with its high salt content if you have hypertension or vinegar if you have a sensitive stomach.





Pill peppers



Not only do they serve to decorate skewers or complement meats, but the peppers of the dick combine greatly for snacks.





They shine for their low caloric content and high presence of fiber, vitamin C, beta-carotene and lycopene.








Give your sandwiches a nipple by daring with the algae! Wakame, nori or spirulina will strengthen your bones, provide you iodine, improve your cardiovascular health and your immune system, help lose weight and prevent illnesses.





As a curiosity, algae play an indispensable role in the famous Okinawa diet, the Japanese island with the highest life expectancy in the world. Other ingredients that abound in it are soy, [ symptoms of steroids whole foods, bitter pumpkin or spices of traditional Chinese medicine.








If you want an Italian style sandwich, the pesto sauce is a tasty and healthy alternative to add to the bread.





Extra virgin olive oil provides fatty acids; fiber pine nuts, healthy fats and protein and basil is a great source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.








The healthiest types of cheese that exist are requoon or ricotta, cottage, parmesan, aged cheddar, fresh cheese, feta, burrata and mozzarella.





Cheese is a food rich in vitamins A and D, also from group B, such as B12, B9 (folic acid), B1 (tiamine) or B2 (riboflavina). They provide proteins of allto biological value, calcium, phosphorus and zinc. Remember not to spend your consumption with the presence of saturated fats.





Enjoy your sandwich!



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